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December 13, 2018, 05:06:59 pm
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Author Topic: ontario e-test guru q's  (Read 706 times)
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« on: January 26, 2017, 11:17:34 pm »

Several issues I'm helping others with but seems like an automatic fail these days if check engine light is on regardless of actual code and readiness state (seriously wtf!).  I've done several crude hacks, it was years back when I think things were more 'lax....one being a pcm mod that left my light on constant and it had nothing do with the "other system bits".  It passed all those years ago like this many times over.  I think only once the guy mentioned the light was on and I just said test it anyway I know it's on-just a trans thing, and never had a problem.  The same bastard though was always messing with the fuel filler cap on every occasion, but I was sure to grease it well just because!  Eventually I had enough of my pockets being emptied for no good reason.  So those many years back I wisely relocated outside the smog-belt and have never had to worry again.  How can they get away with this, ohhh wait, never mind we're too nice and gullible here.  Anyway on to the post and away from a curve towards a rant.

Case A:
Chev pickup with trans swap, now a manual and runs fine, test readiness is fine but as the pcm doesn't see the auto it's throwing codes and setting cel condition.

Case B:
Chrysler with custom code, runs fine, test readiness fine but throwing cam codes due to the programming and setting cel condition.  Can be cleared but then readiness is not.  It just loops, becomes ready and cel condition set with cam codes.

Case C:
Subaru running a megasquirt and thus no obdii support but all "important" factory emissions items left in place.

These are all recent enough vehicles.  From what I gather, I'm told they need to fail twice, and somehow readiness needs to change 1 value (but this is impossible!) before the tailpipe sniffer can even be used -all waiting 48 hours before retest can even be considered.  With A they refuse because of cel regardless of explanation of trans, for buddy with C not sure there since they can't even plug in to the thing and refused to test as well....B is just a hopeless case and with custom cams cannot reflash stock code without potential damage.

Here's my question to you e-test guru's out there, Now being 2017, how the heck do you _force_ them to test the vehicle initially with the sniffer due to such drastic changes to the operation of the factory diagnostic and/or mechanicals?  Things have changed how e-tests are performed from years past and I'm now clueless as are most of the drive-clean folks I've spoken with which you figure they'd know their shit.  It's even more a plug and pay world.

Will reserve colorful words for another rant like moment that is more appropriate!   Angry
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« Reply #1 on: January 29, 2017, 10:23:25 am »

Know what you mean truck I bought last year is a 98 GMC I ended up rebuilding the engine to get rid of problems then it ran fine, no check engine light and no codes but three systems monitors not ready so it failed test. come back 48 hours later with a hundred or so km on it and still same three systems not ready so they finally do tail pipe test which it easily passes and I am done. Under older system they would have done the physical test at both speed and idle and it would have passed easily and been done with it and paid for only one test and out $40 or so, new system three tests finally passed and out $103. Six months later over 4000 km on truck no check engine light no codes but same three systems still not ready and most likely never will be. Can you say government money grab again and complete BS
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« Reply #2 on: January 29, 2017, 04:46:09 pm »

If you want to force the two speed idle test on first visit you must register your car with MTO as a hot rod, then secondly you must not have an OBD II port (as in aftermarket computer).  And thirdly you still can't have any engine lights on.

Honestly you could probably just fake the computer interface port, but I think the MTO registration as Hot Rod would be mandatory.

One of the problems with this though is that you would probably have to notify your insurance as well.

Different age vehicles can have efferent restrictions for OBD II.  My 2000 integra can have two sensors (IM Readiness) "not ready" and no code and it will just pass, but I recently had a GMC savanna tested and the restriction was just one sensor not ready (think it was a 2006).  I searched the internet and found a factory procedure to ready the sensors, which means if your really good you can choose (only between a few sensors) wich sensors will be ready.

If you never drive for long periods or never drive over 80 kph your CAT sensor will never be ready.

Good luck.

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