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« on: July 04, 2007, 08:26:42 am »

I've been mulling over the idea of a non-Fiero "for sale" section for a bit...  what the heck let's try it.  Smiley

Please do not abuse this section!  If I find that people are creating forum accounts to do nothing other than try to sell dusty treasures they found in their mother's brother's cousin's attic, I'll delete the section or limit it to active members only.

Beyond that, the same guidelines for the other buy/sell sections apply:

If posting a "for sale" ad or responding to someone looking for a particular part, please follow these simple rules:

  • Location, location, location.  A street address isn't necessary, but something more targeted than "North America" would be nice.   Wink  Shoppers like to know whether they can simply go for a drive, have to deal with Canada Post, etc.
  • Price.  You must include an asking price with your ad.  If you're not sure what a reasonable amount to ask would be, try starting a "How much is this bolt worth" -type thread over in General Chat, or search through previous ads for ideas.  Please note that online sources such as classified ads and/or eBay do not always reflect the local going rate for an item.
  • Contact information.  Don't be silly and ask that interested buyers contact you via e-mail, if you have your profile set up to hide your e-mail address.  Also please note that even if you request e-mail or telephone contact, interested buyers may reply to your thread or attempt to contact you via Personal Message.  Failure to log in and check for replies to your ad or for personal messages may result in a lost sale.

The author of any post which does not respect these rules, can expect to recieve a friendly request to modify their message.  Failure to correct a post in a reasonable amount of time when requested, will result in the message's deletion.  Sorry, but you can't just click-and-run here.  Smiley
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Ottawa Fiero Club Forum  |  Buy/Sell/Trade  |  Non-Fiero  |  Topic: SECTION RULES - PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING « previous next »
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