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Title: Its Alive!
Post by: JetJumper on April 20, 2008, 06:02:48 pm
Its alive! 

So I dug out my car today from the porta-garage, seen in the back of the picture, and guess what, it started right away!  wahoo!  I am impressed since the gas thats in there, is since Dusty had the car, and I haven't needed to fill it up yet.  So its atleast 3 year old gas.  (Not too worried about quality, because everything will be cleaned/changed etc...)

Hopefully going to have it painted with in a month when I get time/money :) 

PS:  The smart makes the fiero look like a midget!

Title: Re: Its Alive!
Post by: dguy on April 25, 2008, 12:29:37 pm
3 yr old fuel?  Nice.  Our snowblower won't light up on fuel that's been left in its tank all summer, and it's a damn sight younger than any Fiero!

Title: Re: Its Alive!
Post by: 2ML67 on April 25, 2008, 01:40:01 pm
The 84 Fiero I bought just south of me last year started and ran on five year old fuel but just to be safe I dropped the tank to drain and inspect it. the guy I got the car off said he put a bottle of fuel stabalizer in it when it was parked because the tank was full.
Of course he did not expect it to sit for five years at the time.
The fuel you buy today has a much shorter shelf live due to all the additives the gas company adds that are supposed to be good for your engine and not just cheaper for them to produce. Dan