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Title: Paint guys
Post by: GSXRBOBBY on March 15, 2005, 11:36:39 am
Just thought I would share this with you guys

I have to say, I used an old finder and I didn't finish the project, just played with it so I didn't clear it. But it was nice to use,
1. No bad fumes, infact did it in the basement without a mask.
2. Did not need to add anything to it, it works straight from the bottle.
3. All sizes are the same price, reds are not more!
4. The hardest part was getting use to having the gun 12" or more away instead of 6".
5. It covers any type of primer or can be cleared with any clear!
6. I liked how it worked or should say sprayed just didn't like the color I picked, a candy orange looked gold.
I ordered some more, some solids and transparents to see how they spray. I am going to put a transparent orange over a candy white to see how its going to look?
The other thing I liked was it comes in different sizes

Approx prices for a basic semi opaque color
4 oz. $5.95
16 oz. $22.60
32 oz. $42.95
128 oz. $158.95